E-valve Canning Lines Widely Applied in Worldwide Breweries & Beverage Industry


In recent years, the overall world economy is depressed, with both cut-through competition in domestic market and downward in international business. However, under such a harsh circumstance, Hefei Zhongchen has struggled against the trend and back up to have successfully played a good role in domestic and international market by means of researching and developing a series of characteristic and distinguished products independently and constantly, featuring beverage E-valve Filler controlled by flow meter, online flowmeter-type mixer and E-valve filling technology on Filler & Seamer used in beer & beverage canning lines.

In 2015, Hefei Zhongchen has successfully cooperated with Master Kong Co. under the management of Tingyi (Cayman Islands) Holding Corp. by means of signing 7 complete lines on the production equipment with E-valve filling technology in beverage canning line in Jan. and Oct. respectively for its subsidiaries in Pepsi Bottler plants in China. Master Kong Co., as one of the most leading beverage manufacturers in China, with major market share, who must require higher demand in parameters of the supplied production line equipment, esp. in the data of filling liquid level, temperature, CO2 content and durability as well as the Bix performance etc. Coincidently, Hefei Zhongchen is the right supplier in China, who can fully meet their entire satisfaction whatever in product quality, performance and service etc.


Continuously developing advanced technology from the world latest requirements, Hefei Zhongchen has been researching and developing a series of leading products independently with high performance and efficiency, acquiring unanimous praise from customers both at home and abroad. The series of E-valve filling technology in canning line is not only put into use in domestic enterprises, like Master Kong Co., but also widely used in international market. In December of 2014, Hefei Zhongchen won the order of that kind of line from Sri Lanka Heineken, and then, it successively won multiple orders from one local bottler in Lusaka April of 2015, Cambodia Heineken project in June of 2015 and New Zealand Heineken project in December of 2015 etc. 

The production lines from Hefei Zhongchen to Heineken plants, it mainly contains Filler & Seamer controlled by E-valve in beer canning lines. Among them, the filler with E-valve in Canning line differentiates from traditional mechanical valve filling machine, standing in the same level with the top technology of the world in the field. It adopts volumetric filling controlled by pre-metering chamber and during the process of filling, it features constant filling capacity, rare error, on-line adjusting volume of filling and choice of three levels of speed for filling (fast-slow-fast).  Equipped with electric elevating device, it adopts open-type double-layer cleaning bedplate and thick high-strength manganese steel alloy as the bottom board with reinforcement, featuring high strength, easy to clean and corrosion-resistant. The valves are controlled by electro-magnetic valve, possessing the advantage of highly automatic, compact structure and convenient maintenance, which meets all kinds of strict requirements for equipment from Heineken, paving the way for the repeat orders from Heineken in the near future.



With more 30 years’ experience, in continuous technical research and development, Hefei Zhongchen insists on innovation and keeps moving, which always leads the industry of filling and packaging equipment in beverage, beer and condiment to be formed as a backbone enterprise in the field of beverage and wine equipment in China. The production equipment with electronic valve filling technology in canning line is also widely applied domestically and internationally and has already enjoyed a good reputation with its unparalleled capability. The trust and accreditation from customers is the great momentum for Hefei Zhongchen to keep forward. On the way to the independent research and development, Hefei Zhongchen will stick to the philosophy of “Striving for Excellence” and keep forging ahead without cease on the way to success!