The Tenth Deep-Compartment Bottle Washer Lunched in Philippine Pepsi


Hefei Zhongchen is one of most leading suppliers for beverage and beer filling and packaging equipment in China and even in Asia, whose customers covers more than 60 countries in the world. Since the establishment of its Philippine subsidiary, it has successfully been cooperating with Philippine Pepsi for more than 10 years. In 2016, after the 10th deep-compartment type Bottle Washer with unique energy-water-saving features was settled in Pepsi, the cooperation between Hefei Zhongchen and Pepsi has been sharply enhanced, which represents the intimate partnership between Pepsi as well as the continuous development and keeping pace with the cutting technology of Zhongchen. Furthermore, it also represents the high accreditation from customers for Zhongchen products.



Pepsi is one of the most leading beverage manufacturers in the world, which always raises very strict and challenging requests for equipment to be purchased. Due to its distinguished performance and superior after-sales service, Zhongchen successively has been supplying them with more than 20 high speed beverage production lines, which were distributed in 11 different factories there. Among all the equipment supplied, the deep-compartment Bottle Washer was applied widely, dating from the year of 2008. Even till today, the type of machine has been launched and widely put into production in the ten factories of located in CEBU, Muntinlupa etc.. In the year of 2016, the tenth machine with the most optimized technical parameter and stable performance was launched and thought highly by Pepsi Cola.


The type of deep-compartment Bottle Washer approved by Pepsi is double-end type and SXP series Bottle Washer, designed and manufactured on the basis of multiple mature and analogous products with the combination and optimization of the most cutting-edge technology. The max speed can hit 55000-60000BPH, which is specially adaptable to the washing of RGB (recyclable glass bottles) in the field of beer, beverage, wine and condiment. With optimal structure, recycle and energy-saving system: bottle input and output are set in two ends, and the output end is set in enclosed workshop, which will separate dirty bottles from clean ones, thus assures the hygiene of the bottles. The drive of bottle input is equipped with safety device to prevent the machine from being damaged. The main drive of the machine adopts VVVF (Frequency control). The main body of the machine equipped with multiple soaking compartments and endows with sufficient time for soaking, which ensures the hygiene of cleaning the bottles. The temperature of caustic soaking compartment and liquid level inside can be set and controlled automatically. Unloading bottle device is applied with bottle-collecting fingers, which guarantees the bottle-discharging end running smoothly. The bottle output is full automatically controlled, and once there is any bottle being stuck, the machine will be halt automatically and can be reset electrically after trouble shooting. Moreover, the specially-designed safety clutch can assure the bottle-discharging accurately and smoothly. The sprinkler adopts rotary and tracking-washing style, by which rinses the bottle inner-wall and bottom from different angles to fully wash the inaccessible corners, ensuring the excellent cleaning effect largely. The direction of orifices changes alternatively which endows with fantastic self-cleaning and dredging function. It adopts automatic bottle loading and unloading devices, which guarantees the operation and maintenance more convenient and accessible. Therefore, such kind of Bottle Washer is the most ideal choice for beer and beverage factories.


Hefei Zhongchen always plays a pioneering role in the stage of world beer and beverage filling and packaging equipment production lines. What’s more, as the backbone supplier of China wine and beverage equipment industry, Hefei Zhongchen keeps moving in the path of enhancing international market, relying on the sophisticated equipment, leading technology and superior after-sales service to convincing new customers and serving old customers. We have full confidence that the cooperation between Hefei Zhongchen and Pepsi will be further and further to create a bright future on the basis of mutual benefit and win-win situation!