UNIVERSAL ROBINA CORPORATION Favors towards Functional Beverage Production Line of Hefei Zhongchen


Functional beverage refers to a kind of drinks with reasonable proportion of adjusted natural nutrient element contained in the beverage for meeting the drinking demand of some special crowd to nutrient. Normally, it includes nutrient beverage, sport drinks and beverage for special purpose, featuring with the function of anti-fatigue and replenishing energy. At present, various types of functional beverage are popular in the market, and under such kind of circumstance, to cater for the trend, Hefei Zhongchen prospers its innovation in production line equipment in the field of functional beverage.

In March of year 2016, UNIVERSAL ROBINA CORPORATION favors towards functional beverage production line of Hefei Zhongchen, concluding the project of PET production line with the capacity of 36000bph (Bottles per hour). UNIVERSAL ROBINA CORPORATION is the largest food and beverage production company in Philippines, who is the pioneer of the field, playing an important role in the field of Philippines and penetrating into other countries by means of setting up its subsidiaries in neighboring countries like Indonesia. For this time, the cooperation between UNIVERSAL ROBINA CORPORATION and Hefei Zhongchen is on its most famous C2 series brand. None of cooperation is accomplished in one action. On the account of the extremely strict demand for the equipment configuration and technology from URC, Hefei Zhongchen perfected the proposal time and time again and thus laid the foundation of cooperation with professional technology as well as the spirit of keep improving. And the team of Hefei Zhongchen showed excellent professional quality in the process of cooperation. Even though it’s the first time of collaboration between Hefei Zhongchen and UNIVERSAL ROBINA CORPORATION, Hefei Zhongchen stood out from all the competitors and finally earned the trust from the customer after many times comparison and filtration due to its more than 30 years’ deposit experience, continuous technology innovation, international philosophy and vision advanced with times as well as the spirit for purchasing perfection of Zhong chen team.

The cooperation witnessed the debut of the collaboration between UNIVERSAL ROBINA CORPORATION and Hefei Zhong chen and will have more fruitful cooperation in the near future due to the maturity of its technology in functional beverage production line equipment. Meanwhile, as the world-class filling and packaging equipment supplier for beverage and beer, Zhongchen will continuously acquire more accreditation and good reputation from international market by its solid experience and state-of-art technology.