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    54. In December 2014, Hefei Zhongchen general manager Mr. Zha won the title of "2014 National Excellent Chief Information Officer". Hefei Zhongchen combination of industrialization and informationization development was constructed to a new height, and factory intelligent manufacturing level was further improved. At the same year, Hefei Zhongchen General Party Branch won the title of “Advanced Primary Party Organization" from CNBM, structure workshop welder Sun Chenggang was awarded with the honor of "Outstanding Party Members" from CNBM. Hefei Zhongchen was identified as high-tech enterprise once again, the registered trademark was awarded the title of "Well-known Trademark", and a number of industry standard drafted by Hefei Zhongchen, such as QB/T2369-2013 "Capper & Seamer", were audited by the expert group and begin to implement.


    53. In November 2014, success was spreading rapidly for overseas markets and Hefei Zhongchen signed high-end beer lines, as well as juice drinks, CSD, water, wine line, with the global giants, such as Heineken, Pepsi, San Miguel, India, Saudi Arabia, Kenya customers, etc. Hefei Zhongchen is one of a few top filling &packaging equipment suppliers in China who can compete with international giants on behalf of China, which wins the honor for Made-in-China, and wins the pride.for Chinese. This is not only the honor for Hefei Zhongchen, even more for Chinese!


    52. In October 2014, CBB exhibition was grandly opened in Beijing. Hefei Zhongchen exhibited 50,000BPH high-speed beer filler&capper for AB InBev, which is the fastest speed in the whole exhibition hall. 50,000BPH high-end beer glass bottling line is currently the most high-speed for the domestic beer enterprise users. It is not only the quantity span, but also qualitative breakthrough from 40,000BPH to 50,000BPH.The project settles for filling packaging equipment. It means Hefei Zhongchen has dominated the industry forefront in beer, beverage glass bottle filling & packaging production line manufacturing industry. At the same period, China's largest high-speed 60,000BPH double-end bottle washer with caustic soaking of 24 minutes, and 270 square meters of dual channel tunnel pasteurizer were delivered to AB InBev;


    51. In September 2014, Hefei Zhongchen signed the contract of beverage line with China Resources Snow Breweries, which is the first cooperation on beverage bottling line except beer bottling line. In beverage industry, Hefei Zhongchen has successfully provided more advanced production lines for well-known enterprises at home and abroad. By virtue of cooperation of beverage line with China Resources Snow Breweries this time, Hefei Zhongchen Co. developed the road of "win-win cooperation" based on high quality products and service reputation.


    50. In August 2014, Hefei Zhongchen successfully complete supplying, removal, installation and debugging of 72,000CPH canning line of Jianlibao Xi’an plant, as well as two PET beverage lines. Successful operation with Jianlibao Xi’an new plant was the magnificent combination once again and leaping development;


    49. In July 2014, Hefei Zhongchen signed the contracts successively with well-known sparkling wine companies, such as Black Cow, Bacchus, etc. and won the bidding of turnkey project of many sparkling wine factories. As the high-end equipment manufacturer of alcohol, drinks and other liquid filling packaging industry, Hefei Zhongchen strategically entered into R&D and manufacturing of sparkling wine filling & packaging equipment. Well-known customers in sparkling wine industry, such as  Bacchus, Diageo, Carboner, Tiangong Manor, Bacardi, Black Cow, Charlesbo, Douglas and other high-end users, all cooperated with Hefei Zhongchen with great success;


    48. In June 2014, Hefei Zhongchen high-end beer test line has been successfully put into production in Wuhan headquarters of AB InBev. The high-end combine line is suitable both for glass bottle and PET bottle, filling a variety of products (beer, beverage, water, etc.), which powerfully demonstrated the comprehensive strength of Hefei Zhongchen. Hefei Zhongchen is one of only a few professional design and manufacturing companies in China which can integrate beverage, beer filling & packaging technology, as well as combine line of glass bottle and PET bottle, which is in line with the main target of this project;


    47. In May 2014, Hefei Zhongchen signed the contract of a new generation of disruptive vinegar filler and screwer of the current domestic top speed with Jiangsu Hengshun Mature Vinegar. Advanced E-valve filling system and innovative technology completely solved the major problems of foaming when filling, energy consumption, etc., greatly promoting the innovation and upgrading of equipments in the vinegar industry. After solid development and innovation of five years, Hefei Zhongchen’s filling & packaging lines for rice wine, soy sauce, vinegar and other condiments have formed high-end customization capability;


    46. In April 2014, Hefei Zhongchen beer filling & packaging innovation technology has been settled in Tsingtao, AB InBev and other famous beer companies. The aluminum bottle E-valve bottle rinsing & filling technology, PET keg fresh beer filling & packing technology, E-valve canning technology, and high-speed returnable s.s. bottle washing & filling technology are walking at the forefront of global beer new type filling & packing technology, which demonstrated Hefei Zhongchen’s strong technical innovation ability, also won wide praise and favor from the international beer giants.


    45. In March 2014, Hefei Zhongchen turn-key project of mid & high-speed fruit juice PET bottling line signed with Henan Zhongmai Group has been successfully put into production. With rich experience on turnkey project for many years, the project only took less than half a year from signing to operation. It is a typical case of great success for Hefei Zhongchen on turn-key project of beverage & beer industry, after undertaking a number of turnkey projects for the beer giants, such as Carlsberg, PepsiCo International Bottler, etc.;


    44. In February 2014, Hefei Zhongchen supplied high-speed E-valve volumetric beverage filling block for COFCO Coca-Cola once again, which was put into production and accepted in May of the same year. The cooperation with COFCO Coca-Cola perfectly shows Hefei Zhongchen has been focusing on creating an international brand, becoming the outstanding supplier of global food packaging industry, and further leading the Chinese beverage industry equipment move into the E-era;


    43.  In January 2014, Hefei Zhongchen 40,000BPH beer line has been successfully put into production in AB InBev. Smooth operation of the project has marked Hefei Zhongchen standing on the summit of high speed beer filling & packaging industry once again. Besides, Hefei Zhongchen launched three main equipments of 50,000BPH high-speed beer glass bottling line in 2013, which makes great contribution to independent brand development of Chinese high-speed beer bottling line;


    42. In 2013, Hefei Zhongchen Co. established local offices in Asia, Africa, America, etc. to further accelerate the pace of the internationalization, which realize intimate and reached strategy class cooperative partnership with overseas clients.


    41. In 2013, Hefei Zhongchen Co. achieved leap-type technical innovation in core domain, for example, high speed beverage flowmeter type volumetric filler block was favored by COFCO, beer probe electronic valve filler was high approved by AB InBev, volumetric electronic valve beer/csd filler&seamer was developed successfully.


    40. In 2013, Hefei Zhongchen Co. further expanded market of seasoning filling and packaging line, and the high-end lines have been running in some famous companies, such as Haishen Rice Wine, Shanxi Mature Vinegar, Wangzhihe, etc.


    39. In 2013, 40,000BPH bottling line in Suqian plant of AB InBev was put into production, favor by Carlsberg, Diageo, etc., Hefei Zhong Co. once again stood on the peak of beer filling and packaging industry. In the same year, 50,000BPH high speed beer line was successfully developed and fabricated.


    38. From the first quarter to the fourth quarter of 2013, PepsiCo And Coca Cola in Philippines, Laos, etc. awarded the order of 36,000BPH beverage high speed line to Hefei Zhongchen Co., therefore, it has become the first class high speed beverage filling and packaging equipments supplier in China, even in Asia.


    37. In January 2013, the 10th anniversary celebration and Chinese Lunar New Year outstanding staff award party was held.


    36. In November 2012, the beverage flow meter type volumetric filler independently developed was awarded "National Key New Product".


    35. In November 2012, Hefei Zhongchen Co. attained certificate of Work Safety Standardization Second Level Enterprise. In the same month, Hefei Zhongchen Co. was involved in SA8000 certification.


    34. In September 2012, 40,000BPH high-end beer monobloc displayed at the CBB exhibition, obtained the widespread high praise, during this period, Hefei Zhongchen Co. won the bidding of Carlsberg 33,000BPH beer line, PepsiCo two 30,000BPH hot filling lines, Yanjing Beer Group beer filler, etc.


    33. In August 2012, on the eve of 10 years' anniversary of the founding, the collection of anthem of company lyrics was carried out.


    32. In July 2012, Hefei Zhongchen Co. was confirmed the first batch of "informatization and industrialization" fusion demonstration enterprise of Hefei city.


    31. During the first quarter of 2012, Hefei Zhongchen Co. won the succession biddings of AB InBev 40,000BPH beer line, 24,000BPH beer line, etc.


    30. In March 2012, each employee from the assembly workshop and structure workshop, was awarded “2010-2011 year labor model” by China United Equipment Group, Central International Machinery Co., Ltd. was awarded “2010-2011 year advanced collective”.


    29. In March 2012, Hefei Zhongchen Co. won the honorary title of "filler top ten famous brand" awarded by "innovation•responsibility•influence" 2010-2011 year China food industry.


    28. In February 2012, the "ring filling cylinder fabrication technology" researched and developed by Hefei Zhongchen Co. was awarded the second prize of technical innovation skills.


    27. In February 2012, 10 employees were awarded the honorary title of "2011 quality advanced individual" and the commendation meeting was held, at the same time, the quality QE project activity was proposed.


    26. In April 2011, the contract of filler-seamer YLG2406 was signed with Chongqing Beer Group, open the good beginning for subsequent cooperation.


    25. In March 2011, the contract of two rice wine lines with Wangzhihe Food Co., Ltd.

    Subsequently, a cooking wine sterilization machine contract was signed with Zhejiang Huzhou Wine Industry Co., Ltd.


    24. In January 2011, The turnkey project contract of PET/can combining was signed with Beijing Tianzhou Food Processing Co., Ltd..


    23. In December 2010, the contract of CSD filling line was signed with Kangzhiwei Group. To expand production scale, two contracts of 24000bph turn-key project was signed.


    22. In December 2010, Hefei Zhongchen Co. successfully signed the turnkey project contract of PET hot filling line contract with GLG group in Xiao Gang Village.


    21. In December 2010, Hefei Zhongchen Co. successful signed the CSD contract with COFCO, providing the first flow meter type volumetric monobloc.


    20. In September 2010, Hefei Zhongchen Co. attend China Brew & Beverage with the first 40,000BPH PET bottle flow meter type volumetric filler, obtaining industry widely praise. 


    19. In August 2010, after collection and vote, Slogen of this year was confirmed: WE FIND WAYS…


    18. Early 2010, Hefei Zhongchen Co. decided to build the new administration and office buildings, and expand the assembly workshop, after that, assembling and commissioning ability will be enlarged double based on the existing.


    17.  Cooperation with Carlsberg


    In 2008, Hefei Zhongchen Co. signed a contract with Carlsberg Group for turn-key project of 24,000BPH RGB CSD production line.


    Early 2010, Carlsberg Group bought a 28,000BPH RGB CSD  production line from Hefei Zhongchen Co.


    In same year of 2010, Carlsberg Group bought a 40,000BPH beer/soft drink combination line with a total of 9 systems, which went into production in October of 2011.

    image001.jpg image004.jpg



    16. In 2009, Hefei Zhongchen Co. invited foreign beverage aseptic system experts to participate in detailed design, R&D and on-site debugging of aseptic filling system.


    15. In December 2008, MD Zha Zheng Wang of Hefei Zhongchen Co. was awarded “Outstanding Contribution Award for China Beverage Industry in the 30 Years of Reform and Opening-up” by China Beverage Association.


    14. In October 2008, Hefei Zhongchen Co. passed CE certification, opening the door to export to Europe.


    13. In March 2007, the comprehensive plant of 2700㎡ and large material warehouse of 1800㎡ were broken ground, and completed to use in November of the same year.


    12. In 2006, the management strategy of new period was confirmed as “Follow brand road, Focus high-end market”.


    11. In 2006, along with gradual expansion of international business, Hefei Zhongchen Co. set up a wholly-owned subsidiary-Central International Co., Ltd., taking over all business and project from the international business dept. of Hefei Zhongchen Co.. During year 2006~2010, international business increased annually by more than 20%.


    10. Alliance with Coca Cola, Pepsi Cola and Wahaha:


    In 2005, Swire Coca Cola signed the “Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement” with Hefei Zhongchen Co., and set up a joint lab, more than 15 high-speed glass bottle/PET bottle production lines went into operation in Coca-Cola system at home and abroad one after another.


    In 2007, company products successfully entered into Pepsi international system, 16 high-speed CSD and fruit juice filled in glass bottle/PET bottle lines have already run in Pepsi system.


    In the same year, beverage giant Wahaha joined hands with Hefei Zhongchen Co., 35 high-speed beverage production lines have already run in Wahaha's 28 factories, and the technology of international standard such as drink ultra-clean, on-line mixing ratio, etc. has been successfully applied. 


    Hefei Zhongchen Co. developed the road of "powerful combination, common development" by virtue of own strength. 



    9. In December 2004, Hefei Zhongchen Co. passed again on-site examination of ISO9000:2000 quality system by expert group of China Quality Certification Center.


    8. In 2003, Hefei Zhongchen Co. undertook three turn-key projects in Laoshan, Qingdao city, which marked the beginning of engineered technology, and build a complete technical, engineering, service team.


    7. In February 2003, the Foundation Stone Laying Ceremony of new plant was held in economic-technical development zone, Hefei city, and completed in early 2004, covering almost 100,000 square meters.


    6. In October 2002, MD Zha Zheng Wang put forward the policy which embodies enterprise spirit:“Loyalty, Practice, Efficiency, Innovation”.



    5. Independently export for the first time in 2002: Success in commission of the first carbonated fruit drink production line in Nigeria. Up to now, her international business had spread over more than 60 countries and regions in the world.


    4. Great reform: In 2002, Hefei Zhongchen Light Industrial Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as Hefei Zhongchen Co.) was set up through property right diversified investment restructuring of state-owned enterprise.


    3. Diversified production development: At the end of last century, early 21st century, she designed and manufactured the PET bottling line of CSD, fruit juice and tea drinks, successfully applied in many well-known beverage bottler. She is the first to acquire appraisal of National Ministry, filling in the domestic gap.


    2. From 1983, she made a transition to manufacture beer/beverage production line equipments, by introducing technology from Japan and Europe. With the accumulation of almost 30 years, our well-known customers spread all over home and abroad.


    1. In October 1965, Hefei Light Industrial Machinery Plant, the predecessor of Hefei Zhongchen Light Industrial Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded.